Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Long Division Method Summary



1. The rule of LDM is :


So here is an example:

Step 1

Step 2 Multiply (In this case : x^3(x-3))

Step 3 : Bring down the answer

Step 4 : subtract

Step 5 : Repeat the steps with the other Variables

Step 6 : Repetition of steps 2 -4 

Final answer !

Since Dividend = Quotient x Divisor + Remainder

Things to take note of:

Dividend MUST be in descending index form (x^4,x^3,x^2,x,constant)

IF the equation is similar to e.g. x^5-1 / x-3,

then the dividend used in LDM should be 

( x^5 + 0x^4 + 0x^3 + 0x^2 + 0x - 1 ) / ( x - 3 )

So that dividend is arranged in descending index form


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lesson 5 11012013

In Class, we covered page 24-27.

Homework Assigned: Practice 6b pg 28.
Readings for next week lesson: Pg 29 (Range of a function)

We will start 1.2 from page 35 onwards next.

Function in Graphs

Function Graph:

Non-Function Graph:

Function in Graphs

Example of function

   From this graph, we can tell that the vertical line will only touches one point of the graph and hence it is qualified as a function

 From this C-shaped graph, the vertical line will always touch 2 points of this graph and hence it is not qualified as a function because it has 2 possible output.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Function in Graphs

Not A Function


Functions In Graphs

                                                         Non-Functions In Graph
                                                               Functions In Graph

Functions in a graph

                                                 example of a non function

example of a function

Function in a graph

Not a function




Functions in a graph.

An example of a non function in the graph

An example of a function in the graph

Function in a graph

An example of a function in a graph

An example of a non-function in a graph

A function

Not a function

Example of function

Example of non-function

Functions In Graph

Function In Graphs

Non-Function In Graphs

Function and Non-function Graphs

Graph of function

Graph of non-function

Function in a graph

Example of a non function in a graph

Example of a function in a graph

Example of a function in graph.

Example of a non-function in graph

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lesson 4 10012013

Introduction to functions
If you need to read up more on basic introduction to function, here's a good reference site: 

Now that you have a good basic understanding of function, start geogebra and create two separate graphs of a function and a non-function. Post the screen captures of the two graphs, together with the following details as caption:

  • command you entered in geogebra
  • whether your graph is a function or a non-function

Lesson 3 09012013

  • Finishing the diagnostic test
  • Going through of solution
  • Functions
    • Introduction
    • Set
    • relation
      • Characteristic of relation
    • Notation for function
    • Linear Test
Page 14-23 Note book

Reference: New Syllabus Additional Mathematics (9th edition), Chapter 1


Please complete this by 13 January 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013

Lesson 2 11012013

  • Maths Rep for S3-01: Nicholas Kuu
  • Mathematics Competition training for SMO:
    • Number of session: 15 Weeks
    • Day and duration: Saturday, 1.5 hour
    • To indicate interest by Friday 11/01/2013 5 pm
  • GCP for Mathematics
  • Class contact list
  • Submission of mugshot:
    • use existing image or take one with photo booth
    • name the image 2013_S301_name(XX).jpg
    • Upload to shared drive (if encounter technical difficulties, email to Mr Ang)
  • Quick Revision
    • Remainder and Factor Theorem
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Start Discussion on Function if there is time.

Friday, 4 January 2013


by Mr Johari

Welcome to an exciting year 2013
Success comes with adequate preparation and as a start do take note of the following.

1. Know your Syllabus for 2013.
    Elementary Mathematics 4016 (SEAB site)
    Additional Mathematics 4038 (SEAB site)

2. Right Resources.
    SST Maths Note (Sec 3 term 1)
    Optional Reference Book
    Calculator (with approved SST seal)
    SST Foolscap paper and graph papers (for assignments)
    ICT Resources (Class Maths Blog, ACE Learning, graphing tools etc)

3. Assessment for 2013
    Term 1   Level Test 1 + Authentic Assessment         10% + 10%
    Term 2   Common Test 1                                         20%
    Term 3   Level Test 2 + Authentic Assessment         10% + 10%
    Term 4   End of Year Summative Assessment          40%
4. Diagnostic Test will be conducted as Follows:
    Beginning of new topic
       - to assess prerequisite knowledge and linkages to new knowledge
    End of topic
       - to assess level of understanding and competency
    duration - 20 -30 minutes

5. Daily learning and monitoring platforms
    Class work -  in the form of activities and practice questions
    Assignment - to be done on SST foolscap papers
                         (or SST exercise books - pending style of teacher)
    all classwork to be completed within designated time

6. Character is Destiny
    Your destiny should begin with your daily routines
    A.   Be Present
    B.   Listen without Prejudice
    C.   Be Socially Aware (we are after all living in a gregarious community)
    D.   Manage your impulses
    E.   Know that the choice that you have chosen has its own consequences